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Nipah Virus International Conference: 20 Years After Identification, What Are The Latest Development

The Nipah Virus International Conference will be held in Singapore on the 9th and 10th of December, 2019, to mark the 20th anniversary of the Nipah virus identification.

Since first being identified in Malaysia and Singapore in 1999, the Nipah virus has gone on to cause a number of deadly outbreaks across South and Southeast Asia. In light of its epidemic potential and with no vaccines or treatments currently available, the zoonotic disease is listed on the WHO’s R+D Blueprint as a priority pathogen in need of urgent action.

To mark the 20th anniversary since the discovery of Nipah, an international scientific congress will be held to bring researchers and practitioners together to review the historic outbreaks, discuss the latest developments in diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics, and foster greater international collaboration.

The organising committee of the Nipah Virus International Conference (NIPAH 2019) invites you to submit abstracts of original and most up-to-date research related to the Nipah virus. Travel awards are also available for participants from low and middle income countries. A list of LMICs can be found on here. Travel awards are based on scientific merit and evaluated by the scientific committee. Up to 20 travel awards of US$500 each with a waiver of the registration fee will be awarded.

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