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The Institut Pasteur
Education Centre

With sessions on theory and hands-on practicals, the courses held at the Education Center are grouped into three themed areas: Epidemiology and Public Health, Mechanisms of Living Organisms, and Biology of Microorganisms.

A well-equipped Education Center

  • three teaching labs each accommodating up to 24 students;

  • three laboratories and three technical suites for preparation of practical sessions;

  • two rooms each equipped with twelve microbiological safety cabinets for cultures of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi) and cell cultures;

  • a room equipped with three fluorescence microscopes complete with imaging system;

  • two hot chambers and three cold storage rooms;

  • four rooms equipped with video projection equipment and some hundred computers for lectures and classes requiring IT resources.

A state-of-the-art Education Center

The labs of Education Center work closely with the campus-based research teams and also have use of all the Institut Pasteur's technological platforms, which include the Imagopole, Proteopole, Genopole and Center for Human Immunology. High-tech state-of-the-art equipment is available on loan from Institut Pasteur laboratories or private firms to meet certain specific requirements.

In addition to the Institut Pasteur courses, the Education Center hosts EMBO courses and training sessions organized by Institut Pasteur scientists.

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