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Garrick Yip: “I Hope To Contribute To The Community, To Save Human Lives”

HKU-Pasteur celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, it is the occasion to show you a little bit more about the people who make this lab a major research pole on infectious diseases, an innovative teaching center and a very special place for us all.

Today, meet Garrick Yip, Mphil student from Chris Mok's team, and alumnus of the 15th HKU-Pasteur Virology Course:

"I participated in the 2019 Virology Course which focused on coronaviruses. During the course, I not only acquired the up-to-date research knowledge from top speakers in the field, but also had the opportunity to propose a research project to them and receive inspiring comments on experimental design and data presentation.

I am currently conducting my MPhil research under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Bruzzone and Dr. Chris Mok on identifying mammalian-adapting mutations in the viral polymerase complex of avian influenza A viruses. It is interesting to study how the avian influenza A viruses can overcome the species barrier and infect humans. Besides, I hope to contribute to the community, or even the world, by preventing avian influenza A virus outbreak or pandemic, saving human lives.

Everyone in this lab is hard-working and willing to help each other when someone encounters any difficulties not only in the scientific research but also in daily life. Besides, this lab is international, so I am able to make new friends from all over the world and experience different cultures."


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