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[Where Are They Now] Ivonna Ying Fan:

“We were really friends that care and think for each other like a family”

Let’s keep going with our section Where Are They Now?, to catch up with HKU-Pasteur’s MPhil and PhD alumni.

Today we are meeting Ivonna Ying Fan, 2015 PhD graduate at HKU-Pasteur, one of the top students of the 2010 Virology course and 2012 Cell Biology course, and now Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Dundee.

HKU-PRP: What is your best memory at HKU-Pasteur and what makes this place special for you?

Ivonna Ying Fan: Well, I think the best memory at HKU-Pasteur apart from the research aspect is that all of us were really close to each other. Not only were we professor and students, colleagues etc., but we were really friends that care and think for each other like a family. We spent lots of leisure time together discussing about research and beyond.

We had all kinds of activities organized very often, especially thanks to Ms Anne Li. It is the kind of atmosphere at HKU-Pasteur that makes one feel part of a whole and encourages one to thrive.

HKU-PRP: What did you do after graduating from HKU-Pasteur and what are you doing now?

Ivonna Ying Fan: After accomplishing my PhD degree in the HKU-Pasteur, where I studied host-pathogen interaction, I joined Dario Alessi's lab to widen the scope of my research and explore the field of cell signalling,

I am working on the molecular aspects of Parkinson's Disease in the MRC-Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitination Unit of the University of Dundee.

HKU-PRP: How would you define your experience at HKU-Pasteur? Ivonna Ying Fan: Rich and colourful

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