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Watch the implosion of cells infected by Zika virus (Institut Pasteur)

Researchers at the Institut Pasteur (Paris) and Inserm (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) have successfully filmed the infection of human cells by the Zika virus, using video microscopy. Significant morphological changes to the cell were observed, whereas the cytopathic effects of the Zika virus were hitherto poorly characterized. This allows the virus to multiply before the cell implodes.

"We have been able to describe a phenomenon poorly studied, using video microscopy (see video below), electron microscopy and other techniques. We observed that the infected cell reacts by forming massive intracellular vacuoles which leads to the death of the cell", Olivier Schwartz says, head of the Virus and Immunity Unit at the Institut Pasteur.

Read more on The Research Journal of the Institut Pasteur.


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