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“Unseen Enemy”

A documentary about emerging infectious diseases screened at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

Ebola, Influenza, Zika... “What is it about the 21st century that makes us so particularly vulnerable to epidemics?” This is the question raised by the film, moving across the globe to meet with doctors and researchers who had stepped into the horror of an epidemic and emerged deeply changed.

The documentary by Janet Tobias includes the participation of Arnaud Tarantola: from 2011 to 2016, while he was the Head of the Epidemiology and Public Health Department at the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia in Phnom Penh, he led field investigations and epidemiological studies on avian influenza, working alongside local communities and healthcare workers to provide expertise to national authorities.

It will be screened at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM) on June 2nd 2017 at the Lim Por Yen Lecture Theatre, HKAM Jockey Club Building.

Academics, public health researchers, microbiologists, health officials and medical and health sciences students will be invited to join this special screening event.

Experts from the HKSAR Government, local universities, NAM, as well as the filmmaker will gather to exchange views on the impact of epidemics and discuss how to combat these unseen enemies.

Free admission. Register now!


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