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Qiwen Teo: “I got to learn experimental techniques required for my PhD project

Such as mass spectrometry data analysis

HKU-Pasteur celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, it is the occasion to show you a little bit more about the people who make this lab a major research pole on infectious diseases, an innovative teaching center and a very special place for us all.

Today, meet Qiwen Teo, Student of the 8th HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course and the 10th Immunology Course:

"I had the chance to join the HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course, and it was extremely helpful for my PhD studies. The course is very interactive, we had the opportunity to share our work with the speakers and get instructive feedback from them. Furthermore, I got to learn experimental techniques required for my PhD project, such as mass spectrometry data analysis.

I joined HKU-Pasteur because I chose to engage in a scientific career out of intellectual curiosity! I am quite interested in understanding how viruses exploit cellular pathways to facilitate the viral life cycle, therefore, I can spend a tremendous amount of time in the lab to address this question, although it often leads to more questions. I feel like we are a big family regardless of our backgrounds and we hang out outside of the lab, as well. We support each other when anyone is feeling down and we are happy for one another whenever good things happen, too!"


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