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Institut Pasteur International Network - Asia/Pacific Regional Meeting, Shanghai, 18-20 May 2016

From 18 to 20 May 2016, the nine institutes of the Asia-Pacific region will meet at the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai/Chinese Academy of Science. They will review their current institutional partnerships and initiate new ones. Discussions will help to develop specific research, public health as well as regional educational programs.

Different sessions will address the following topics: outbreaks and emergencies, antimicrobial resistance, cancers induced by viruses, industrial valorization, funding mechanisms and training & teaching strategies. The discussions ahead of the working groups meetings will be open to public.

The Institut Pasteur International Network includes 33 institutes around the world, located in 5 regional centers (i.e. Europe, Asia-Pacific, Americas, Africa, Maghreb-Iran). Each of these groups ensure a regional coverage on research, surveillance and control of infectious diseases, with close synergy between regions creating a common space to share technologies, methods, expertise resources and data throughout the 5 continents.

Please find the program of the meeting here.

The Institut Pasteur International Network Asia-Pacific Regional meeting will gather invited speakers, Institut Pasteur and Institut Pasteur International Network representatives and members of the nine institutes in the Asia-Pacific region:


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