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DURABLE, a large-scale project led by the Institut Pasteur within the EU4Health European program

Coordinated by Dr. Jean-Claude Manuguerra (Institut Pasteur) with Professor Marion Koopmans (Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands) and Roberto Bruzzone (HKU-Pasteur Research Pole), DURABLE (Delivering a Unified Research Alliance of Biomedical and public health Laboratories against Epidemics) is a unique consortium of research and public health laboratories across Europe which will help to build stronger, more resilient and more accessible health systems.

Its main objective is to develop a one-stop-shop for emerging disease laboratory preparedness and establish a sustainable network of laboratories and research institutes that can address the barriers of better preparedness, and provide alerts, real-time scientific data and integrated analyses to HERA and other relevant European authorities such as ECDC.

By facilitating contacts between the main players and stakeholders in the field, the Institut Pasteur Grant Office (GO) has played a central role in shaping the network at record speed. Key to the success of DURABLE was also the GO’s expertise in identifying and organizing goals, priorities, management procedures and in preparing the ground for a fast-acting new network of experts in support of EU citizens.

The Pasteur Network (PN) is a DURABLE project partner. The PN teams will lend their expertise to devising a suitable training program to harmonize knowledge within the consortium and its wider network. The program will promote interactions between laboratories and notably help improve knowledge of biosafety measures in crisis situations, diagnostic methods and sequencing, as well as include hands-on activities in preparation for pandemics.


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