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20 Years, 20 Questions to HKU-Pasteur researchers from the French International School students!

It’s a wrap! Our anniversary event series in collaboration with the French International School has come to an end this Friday. Browse the videos below to learn more about the exciting research topics the students have been discussing with the researchers for the past month.

20 questions to HKU-Pasteur Researchers

In March, 9 students from the School visited the pole and interviewed Prof Leo Poon, Prof Ben Cowling, Dr Vijaykrishna Dhanasekaran, and Dr Sophie Valkenburg.

20 videos have been produced on diverse topics from the origin & evolution of viruses, the future of Covid-19 pandemic to vaccination and testing explanations. Watch them now by downloading the episodes below.

Episode 1: How do you know where viruses and pathogens come from ?

Episode 2: How do viruses evolve ?

Episode 3: How do you see the future of Covid-19 ?

Episode 4: Can an infected person be reinfected ?

Episode 5: Will there be new epidemics in the future ?

Episode 6: How to assess the spread of a virus ?

Episode 7: How do the different types of vaccines work ?

Episode 8: How can we be sure of the efficiency and safety of a vaccine ?

Episode 9: How do the tests work ?

Episode 10: Are current tests and vaccines effective on variants ?

Episode 11: What are the side effects of vaccines ?

Episode 12: Will the vaccine stop the spread of the epidemic ?

Episode 13: How do you explain the reluctance of part of the population to be vaccinated ?

Episode 14: How does scientific research advise public health policies ?

Episode 15: What are the objectives of public health policies in Hong Kong ?

Episode 16: Are masks effective ?

Episode 17: How does society react to health constraints ?

Episode 18: Different strategies against the epidemic: the case of Sweden, India and Hong Kong

Episode 19: How to ensure universal access to the vaccine ?

Episode 20: How is the international scientific research organised ?

Covid-19 Info/Intox with Dr Vijay Dhanasekaran

In mid-April, Dr Vijaykrishna Dhanasekaran had two discussions with two groups of 15 students at the School about the accuracy of Covid-19 and other scientific facts in the news and movies.

(Re)Watch the live session here!

HKU-Pasteur Research Pole x French International School Live Show

On Friday April 30th , a live roundtable featuring Prof Ben Cowling and Dr Sophie Valkenburg, animated by students, focused on the importance of scientific research in the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact on our daily lives.

(Re)Watch the live session here!

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