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[Where Are They Now?] Nancy Leung:

“My Best Memory Was Attending The Various Advanced Pasteur Course"

HKU-Pasteur is launching a new section, Where Are They Now?, to catch up with its MPhil and PhD alumni. In more than 20 years, about 100 students joined the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole to develop their research under a world renown faculty.

For the first entry, we have asked a few questions to Nancy Leung, 2012 MPhil graduate, alumnus of the 2009 Immunology course and now Research Assistant Professor at the School of Public Health:

HKU-PRP: What is your best memory at HKU-Pasteur and what makes this place special for you?

Nancy Leung: My best memory was attending the various advanced Pasteur courses to learn from and interact with international leading experts in the field, as well as other international students to know about their research lives. The research training on virology/immunology that I received from HKU-Pasteur has significant impacts on how I think about my current research as an epidemiologist.

HKU-PRP: What did you do after graduating from HKU-Pasteur and what are you doing now?

Nancy Leung: After graduating with a MPhil from HKU-Pasteur, I did a PhD on infectious disease epidemiology to study the aerosol transmission of influenza, continue further research and now regard myself as an infectious disease epidemiologist. I'm currently a Research Assistant Professor at the School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong, designing epidemiologic studies and vaccine trials to understand the transmission, burden, individual and population immunity, and vaccine immunogenicity of influenza and coronavirus infections.

HKU-PRP: In one word, how would you define your experience at HKU-Pasteur?

Nancy Leung: Eye-opening


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