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[Where Are They Now?] Garrick Yip: “A special place where I could learn about different cultures”

Let's meet Garrick Yip, 2021 MPhil graduate and student of the 15th Virology Course, who is still working very closely with HKU-Pasteur by being Research Assistant at the Centre for Immunology & Infection.

HKU-PRP: What is your best memory at HKU-Pasteur and what makes this place special for you?

Garrick Yip: My best memory at HKU-Pasteur is completing some challenging experiments with my fellows. HKU-Pasteur is a special place where I had the chance to meet friends from other countries, learn about different cultures and improve my communication as well as presentation skills in English.

HKU-PRP: What did you do after graduating from HKU-Pasteur and what are you doing now?

Garrick Yip: After I graduated from HKU-Pasteur, I have worked as a Research Assistant there for six months. I am now working as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Immunology & Infection Limited (C2i), which is a new research centre established by HKUMed and the Institut Pasteur at the Science Park in Hong Kong.

I work on the Healthy Human Global Project – Hong Kong, a program that aims at providing a personalized patient management strategy, taking into account individual genetics, previous infection history, resident microbiota, as well as personal lifestyle and environmental factors to define immune health.

HKU-PRP: In one word, how would you define your experience at HKU-Pasteur?

Garrick Yip: Fruitful.


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