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The Institut Pasteur Medical Mycology MOOC is now open

The MOOC Medical Mycology, created by the Institut Pasteur and directed by Déa Garcia-Hermoso, Research engineer at the French National Reference Center Invasive Mycoses and Antifungals and Olivier Lortholary, Exceptional Class Professor and Chair of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, is now open for registration on FUN, a French MOOC platform.

This MOOC provides a general overview starting from the basic concepts of fungal taxonomy & ecology. The different approaches for identification of fungi and the major trends in invasive fungal diseases as well as subcutaneous mycoses epidemiology, are discussed. The course also covers topics related to antifungal drugs, and aims to give an insight into the natural history of superficial and invasive fungal diseases, with a part dedicated to the HIV-associated infections.

More information about the course format and prerequisites on FUN platform. Registrations are open here from September 3rd to December 13th 2021.


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