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The Institut Pasteur Emerging and re-emerging viruses MOOC is now open

The MOOC Emerging and re-emerging viruses, created by the Institut Pasteur in collaboration with the Department of Public Health Microbiology of the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority (LGL) in Germany.

The course is co-directed by Hilde Angermeier, microbiologist at the LGL, and Jean-Pierre Vartanian, notably the Co-Director of the Fundamental Virology course at the Institut Pasteur.

The course is now open for registration on FUN, a French MOOC platform. This MOOC aims at providing participants with a fundamental knowledge about the different viruses that are involved in viral emergence and describes the associated molecular mechanisms and conditions that drive their emergence. Those range from viral mutations to climate change, the impact of urbanization to alterations in human behaviour.

Registrations are open here from April 27th to September 30th 2021.


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