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Posdoctoral Position Available at Institut Pasteur, in Dr Arnaud ECHARD’s Lab

A funded postdoctoral position is currently available in the "Membrane Traffic and Cell Division laboratory" of Dr. ECHARD at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. This position has no nationality restriction and the working language is English.

Our research focuses on the role of membrane trafficking in lipid and cytoskeleton remodeling at each step of animal cell division, under normal and pathological conditions. We are particularly interested in cytokinesis, the final step of cell division leading to the physical separation of the daughter cells. Using Drosophila and human cells, high-content RNAi-based screens, state-of-the-art live-cell imaging and advanced microscopy techniques, we are exploring the novel and promising interface between cytokinesis and membrane traffic at the cell and tissue level. Our recent work revealed unexpected connections between the human Lowe syndrome, endocytosis, cytoskeleton and cell division.

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate for joining our dynamic and international team with:

  • a PhD and 0-3 years of relevant postdoctoral experience

  • a strong track-record of publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • validated experience in cell biology, RNAi-based screens, mouse models, lipid biology and/or cell imaging.

Please send your application as a single PDF document containing a cover letter, a concise summary of previous research, a Curriculum Vitae, a publication list and contact details for at least 2 references to

For further information, please contact and visit our website.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • An ARF6/Rab35 GTPase Cascade for Endocytic Recycling and Successful Cytokinesis. Chesneau L, Dambournet D, Machicoane M, Kouranti I, Fukuda M, Goud B, Echard A. Current Biology: 22, 147-53 (2012)

  • Rab35 GTPase and OCRL phosphatase remodel lipids and F-actin for successful cytokinesis. Dambournet D., Machicoane M., Chesneau L., Rocancourt M., Formstecher E., Salomon R., Goud B. and Echard A. Nature Cell Biology: 13, 981-8 (2011)

  • Rab and actomyosin-dependent fission of transport vesicles at the Golgi complex. Miserey-Lenkei S, Chalancon G, Bardin S, Formstecher E, Goud B, Echard A. Nature Cell Biology: 12, 645-54 (2010)

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