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PhD Announcement: Dr MA

Mr Jason Huailiang MA has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong for his work entitled "Human annexin A6 interacts with influenza A virus M2 protein and negatively modulates infection" on September 20, 2012. The PhD examining board congratulated him for his nice presentation and outstanding achievements.

Jason joined the Centre and started his PhD project on influenza virus in September 2008 in the Virus-Host Interactions team. He performed his PhD research work at the Centre, under the supervision of Dr François KIEN, Dr Béatrice NAL-ROGIER and Dr Leo POON. He also attended the 1st HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course in 2009. Jason has published one scientific article in Journal of Virology (Ma et al. 2012) and will start in November his postdoctoral fellowship in Bali PULENDRAN's lab, at Emory Vaccine Centre, USA.

The Centre wishes him all the best for his new career and his new life in the US with his wife and baby son!


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