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Introduction to Molecular Phylogenetics at HKU-Pasteur

The course Introduction to Molecular Phylogenetics started this week at HKU-Pasteur, with students coming from all over the world.

Co-organized with The Center of Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Integrative Biology (C3BI), this introductory course aims to give the basic theoretical and practical concepts, best practices, and software necessary to start working on molecular phylogenetics and its applications to epidemiology. The course will have theoretical morning sessions followed by small groups practice for a few selected students with their own data.


Chair: Olivier GASCUEL, C3BI, Institut Pasteur (France)

Veronika BOSKOVA, ETH Zürich (Switzerland); Sebastian DUCHENE, University of Melbourne (Australia); Julien GUGLIELMINI, C3BI, Institut Pasteur (France); Tommy LAM, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong); Frédéric LEMOINE, C3BI, Institut Pasteur (France); Hein Min TUN, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong); Tim VAUGHAN, ETH Zürich (Switzerland); Anna ZHUKOVA, C3BI, Institut Pasteur (France)

Topics: Introduction to phylogeny: general principles for the inference, interpretation of trees, and application to infectious diseases; Introduction to the math behind the trees and evolutionary models; Distance and parsimony methods; Maximum likelihood methods; Bayesian methods, phylodynamics; Branch supports, bootstrapping; How to select the best method and evolutionary model; Tree dating, reconstructing and using character evolution; Molecular epidemiology.


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