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HKU-PRP Fellowship: Greetings from Paris!

HKUPRP fellowship laureates are now in Paris! This program enables young researchers from all Hong Kong and Macau universities to conduct 3 to 4-months fully funded research internships at Institut Pasteur. Applications will soon be open for next year's edition!

Wanying, PhD student doing research in infectious diseases arrived in Paris a few days ago and started her 3-month internship alongside top researchers at Institut Pasteur. This is also a great opportunity to discover French culture and everything that Paris has to offer!

Young researchers in immunology, virology, cell biology, cancer, neuroscience or parasitology can apply and be part of a leading laboratory. All costs are covered within this fellowship, from plane ticket to accommodation in France.

Applications opening for HKUPRP Fellowship 2023 edition is coming soon!


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