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HKU-Pasteur Research Centre 2010 Annual Report is Available

HKU‐Pasteur Research Centre (HKU-PRC) is a joint partnership between The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Institut Pasteur (IP), which has been established with the aim to develop a program of excellence in the study of infectious diseases. Its Research Programs developed by HKU‐PRC are dealing with infectious diseases that may have devastating effect on public health and the economy of the community. More specifically, its mission is to foster an interdisciplinary approach to generate information on fundamental processes of infectious diseases that may be translated into clinical applications. This overarching goal is being implemented through a three‐pronged strategy.

  • Create a regional center to study the interactions between pathogens and host cells, which are the battlefields of infections, by applying cutting edge technology;

  • Develop novel approaches to confront the challenges posed by infectious diseases to create basic knowledge that will be applied to human diseases;

  • Foster education through a Regional Center of Excellence for Teaching & Training in Biomedical Research that will nurture the next generation of leading scientists working on human diseases.


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