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Early Registration Ends March 22 for Keystone Symposia Influenza Meeting

in Hong Kong (May 23-28, 2011)

The Keystone Symposia on Pathogenesis of Influenza: Virus-Host Interactions (May 23-28, 2011, Hong Kong) is organized in collaboration with The University of Hong Kong and part of its Centenary Celebration by Siamon Gordon of the University of Oxford, Malik Peiris of The University of Hong Kong and HKU-Pasteur Research Centre, and Kanta Subbarao of NAIDS, US National Institutes of Health.

This four-day conference will:

  • Convene on the evening of Monday, May 23 with keynote addresses by Sir John J. Skehel of MRC National Institute of Medical Research in the UK, Robert G. Webster of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the US and Peter C. Doherty of the University of Melbourne in Australia.

  • Bring together diverse researchers working on the influenza virus, viral receptors and tissue tropism, innate and adaptive immunity, systems biology and clinical aspects of lung injury and host defense.

  • Integrate data from animal and ex vivo / in vitro human experimental models as well as human disease – and the experience of recent avian flu, SARS and H1N1 – to understand the pathogenesis of influenza and how this may lead to effective interventions.

  • Foster interaction through breakfasts, lunches and poster sessions.

  • Provide free time for informal networking and collaboration-building in a vibrant, cosmopolitan setting.

Early Registration Deadline: March 22, 2011

Visit for more information, to submit an abstract and to register, and click here to download a printable flyer. Discounted registration rates are available for students. Short talks will be selected by the organizers from submitted abstracts.


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