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Congratulations to Akhee Sabiha Jahan for her Croucher Foundation Fellowship!

Great news! Akhee Sabiha Jahan has been awarded with a Croucher Foundation fellowship for postdoctoral research in the investigation on influenza A virus strain-specific differences in RIG-I activation and evasion, their impact and potential therapeutic for boosting host immune response.

Supervised by Sumana Sanyal and Roberto Bruzzone, Akhee has been part of the HKU-Pasteur team since 2014. She will soon leave Hong Kong for Denmark to join the Proteomics division of the Novo Nordisk Foundation of Protein Research in Copenhagen and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Germany, under the supervision of Professor Chunaram Choudhary.

Congratulations Akhee!


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