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A new Institut Pasteur de Guinée

Great news from Guinea!

The bill to establish the Institut Pasteur de Guinée as an independent structure with a legal personality was adopted unanimously by the National Assembly of Guinea on the 12th of December, one year after the laying of the foundation stone.

Directed by Noël Tordo, the Institut Pasteur de Guinée was decided in 2014 in response to the Ebola crisis, it houses a virology research unit to investigate diseases with epidemic potential, in particular arboviruses and hemorrhagic fever viruses, which have been responsible for a number of severe major outbreaks in Guinea in recent years. There are also plans for a second unit specializing in entomology within the Institute.

It is a great step for the Institut Pasteur de Guinée and the Institut Pasteur International Network. All the HKU-Pasteur team wishes you all the best!


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