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5th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course Kick Off

The 5th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course on Adaptive Immunity has started on 18th of November with the student's self presentation. The course gathers 24 international students from 12 different countries (Argentina, Australia, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Malaysia, PR China, Singapore, Taiwan and Tunisia).

The lectures has started on Monday, 19th of November with an overview of innate and adaptive immune responses to influenza virus infection by Patrick READING from the University of Melbourne (check the programme of open public lectures here).

The practicals have started two days after in a cheerful atmosphere. This year the students with the help of Sophie VALKENBURG-DOAK (HKU) and Daniel SCOTT-ALGARA (Institut Pasteur) will identify lymphocyte populations that are stimulated to induce the production of cytokines and compare several techniques such as flow cytometry (intracellular cytokine staining, ICS) versus Elispot.


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