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4th HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course Highlights

Rainy season in Hong Kong didn’t dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of the students of the 4th HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course (April 15-27, 2012). Twenty one young and talented students from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, PR China, Hong Kong, India, Iran and Malaysia attended two weeks of stimulating lectures and practical courses on Cell Division and Cancer Biology.

The course started with the welcome tram party in the heart of a glistening Hong Kong under the rain and ended with a cheerful award dinner. During this dinner George, Philippe and Roberto, the directors of the course, praised the students for their work, participation and achievements. Ai-Ing LIM (the University of Hong Kong), Hon Man SIT (the University of Hong Kong) and Guillermo ARANGO-DUQUE (INRS- Institut Armand-Frappier, Canada) received special prizes and Mercedes TKACH (Insitute of Biology and Experimental Medicine, Argentina) came first in this year course.

We invite you to visit our photo gallery and our HKU-Pasteur Courses Series Facebook group page full of smiles, laughters and songs.

From left to right, Hon Man, Ai-Ing, Mercedes and Guillermo.


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