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23rd Research Postgraduate Symposium: Congratulations Athena!

The Research Postgraduate Symposium (RPS), annual event established in 1996 at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong, has been held for the 23rd time in early December, 2018. It is the occasion for HKU’s young scientists to engage in a poster presentation session to showcase their research.

After Dr Selim last year, we can now congratulate another HKU-Pasteur team member, Athena Li, who got the best poster presentation award for her poster entitled Immunogenicity of alternative influenza vaccination strategies in the elderly and the establishment of immune responses, showing the progress she has made on her PhD project.

Summary: Inactivated seasonal influenza vaccines with enhanced immunogenicity are now available to older adults which aim to improve protection. Besides increasing antibodies to the head of hemaglutinin (HA) protein, immune mechanisms that contribute to their improved immunogenicity remain to be described. We have designed a clinical trial to compare immune responses of older adults receiving either the standard-dose vaccine or one of three enhanced vaccines (adjuvanted, high-dose HA or recombinant HA). The poster describes how these different vaccines affect the magnitude, function and quality of antibody responses following vaccination.

Congratulations Athena!


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