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2019nCoV: Prof Malik Peiris part of the international effort

Professor Malik Peiris, Scientific Co-Director at HKU-Pasteur, has been part of an international collaboration studying 2019-nCoV that has led to the development of one of the earliest molecular diagnostic tests. His efforts, and those of the whole scientific community, are crucial to better understand this novel coronavirus. This molecular diagnostic test has been published by WHO on their website and has been sent to more than 30 countries to help the international effort.

The deployment of diagnostic tests is crucial to evaluate the extent of the outbreak and is the first step to stop its propagation.

Malik Peiris

In 2003, Malik Peiris played a key role in the discovery that a novel coronavirus was the cause of SARS, its diagnosis and pathogenesis and contributed to its control. His latest research focused on the recently emerged MERS coronavirus.


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