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1st SAB Meeting

- October 16-17, 2008,HKU-Pasteur Research Centre, 8 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong -

The first meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will take place on October 16-17, 2008. The SAB will review in depth all research programs and the activity of the teaching and training center.The following persons are part of the 2008 SAB:

Prof Robert E W Hancock (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) Prof Hans-Dieter Klenk (Philipps University Marburg, Germany) Prof Albert Osterhaus (Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Prof Lucas Pelkmans (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) Prof Olivier Schwartz (Institut Pasteur Paris, France) Prof KY Yuen (University of Hong Kong, China)


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