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10th HKU-Pasteur Virology Course Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Identification of HIV

The 10th HKU-Pasteur Virology Course (14-26 July, 2013) will focus on HIV/AIDS to mark the 30th anniversary of the identification of the virus by the Institut Pasteur team, led by Francoise BARRE-SINOUSSI and Luc MONTAGNIER who received the 2008 Nobel Prize for their discovery.

Topics include:

  • Genome organization and replication of HIV;

  • Endogenous retroviruses;

  • The cell biology of HIV life cycle and cell to cell spread;

  • Restriction factors of HIV,

  • Mechanisms of HIV latency and HIV Reservoirs;

  • HIV infection & innate immunity; Host Control of HIV infection;

  • HIV transmission and animal models;

  • Mother to child transmission of HIV;

  • HIV treatment & future therapeutic strategies;

  • Vaccination strategies and ongoing clinical trials.

One of the highlights of course will be the participation of Professor Françoise BARRE-SINOUSSI.

To celebrate its 10th edition, the course will also include a special scientific symposium with alumni from the HKU-Pasteur Virology courses and researchers from the Institut Pasteur International Network.

Check the website for announcement and programme updates.


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