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30 Apr 2021

Wishing the Centre for Immunology & Infection the best of success!

The Centre for Immunology & Infection (C2i) organized a tour of its facilities this week to mark its soft opening. 
Guided by Malik Peiris, Managing Director, and Roberto Bruzzone, Co-Director, distinguished guests such as Mr Alexandre Giorgini, Consul General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, Prof. John Kao, Head of Biomedical Technology Cluster (HKSTP), and Mr Hailson Yu, COO of HKU Innovation Holdings Limited, have visited the brand-new laboratories based in the Hong Kong Science Park. They met the staff and were introduced to the state-of-the-art equipment that will help advance biomedical research on both local and global scale.
C2i is the fruit of a long-standing partnership of more than 20 years between the LKS Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong (HKUMed) and the Institut Pasteur that started with the establishment of the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole. 
This major initiative, funded by the Innovation and Technology Fund, adopts novel strategies to identify and contain emerging infectious diseases and transform Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area into a global hub of knowledge and research.
C2i's work is centered around four major research programs to face public health challenges and make Hong Kong a global center of excellence for precision medicine population strategies and innovative interventions targeting emerging infectious diseases. 
They aim to characterise immune responses to infectious agents and their components in a healthy Asian population and develop new vaccine platforms for influenza, new strategies for mosquito-borne viruses and new treatments for lethal respiratory virus infections.
Taken together, the four programmes of C2i will address major unmet global and local public health needs and enhance Hong Kong’s knowledge-based economy, while providing state-of-the-art training for the local population. Ultimately, the outcomes are expected to advance health by improving the effectiveness of future public health initiatives. 
You can follow C2i’s activity on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and look for job opening on its LinkedIn page!
Stay tuned for more information about this new and innovative research center! 

14 May 2021

The Institut Pasteur Biobanking MOOC is now open

The MOOC Biobanking, created by the Institut Pasteur and directed by Mery Pina, Deputy Director of the Biological Resources Center of Institut Pasteur (CRBIP), is now open for registration on FUN, a French MOOC platform.

In this MOOC, the organizational aspects of sampling, collection, transport and conservation of different biological resources, which vary depending on the material considered, are discussed, as well as the organization and management of a biobank and its equipment. Peculiarities of human sampling and of the conservation and utilization of human samples is approached. Several sessions are devoted to the quality control of these biobanks to meet international regulations.

Registrations are open here from June 1st to July 23rd 2021.

10 May 2021

The Institut Pasteur Medical Entomology MOOC is now open

The MOOC Medical Entomology, created by the Institut Pasteur and directed by Anna-Bella Failloux, is now open for registration on FUN, a French MOOC platform. Anna-Bella Failloux is the head of the Arboviruses and Insect Vectors Unit.

This MOOC aims at providing participants at the university level with the understanding in medical and veterinary entomology. It will teach the role of vectors in the functioning of ecosystems and, in a lot of cases, how to interrupt the vector transmission chain. It is organized from an entomological perspective, with each session devoted to a particular taxonomic group of insects and ticks.

Registrations are open here from March 29th to June 26th 2021.

10 May 2021

[CALL FOR APPLICATION] PROCORE program 2022 – Research Collaborations France-Hong Kong

The call for application of the PROCORE program 2022 is now open!

The Hubert Curien program (PHC) “Procore” has been developed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research as well as the Hong Kong Research Grant Council (RGC). Its objective is to develop excellent collaborations in science and technology between France and Hong Kong in all areas including social sciences.

This program covers the costs of transportation and sojourn of researchers, and the organization fees of bilateral workshops.

The application deadline is the 24th July, 2020.

More details about the program can be found on the following websites:

09 Mar 2021

Come with us for an online tour of the Institut Pasteur Education Center in Paris!

With sessions on theory and hands-on practicals, the courses held at the Education Center are focused on three main topics: Epidemiology and Public Health, Mechanisms of Living Organisms, and Biology of Microorganisms.

This video takes you throughout the multiple facilities and state-of-the art teaching and research infrastructures of the Institut Pasteur Education Centre.

In addition to the Institut Pasteur courses, the Education Center hosts EMBO courses and training sessions organized by Institut Pasteur scientists.

Browse our dedicated page to learn more about the Education Center!

18 Dec 2020

Nature’s 10: Institut Pasteur de Montevideo recognized for its response to COVID-19

In the 2020 edition of its annual listicle of 10 people who helped shape science, the scientific journal Nature highlighted the work by Gonzalo Moratorio, head of laboratory at the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, in the successful response to COVID-19 in Uruguay. 
Uruguay continues to record one of the world’s lowest death tolls — only 87 people by 10 December — and part of this impressive response is due to Gonzalo Moratorio and his colleagues, who designed a coronavirus test and a national programme for administering it that has helped to keep COVID-19 cases at bay as outbreaks have swept through Latin America. 

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