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VIDEO: The mechanism of an AIDS vaccine candidate filmed in vivo

Using innovative technology, scientists from the Dynamics of Immune Responses Unit (Institut Pasteur / Inserm / VRI) directed by Philippe Bousso have filmed in vivo the process by which an AIDS vaccine candidate, developed by the French Vaccine Research Institute and the ANRS, triggers the immune response. This previously unseen footage clearly shows how the vaccine recruits the immune cells needed to destroy infected cells. These results, published in the journal Nature Medicine on December 21, 2015, shed new light on the mode of action and potential of this vaccine.

The film ( shows the cells targeted by the vaccine MVA-HIV rapidly activating the inflammasome (green circled dots) and dying. This trigger signal leads to a massive mobilization of the immune system cells.

The study:

Please visit Institut Pasteur website for more details.

You can also visit the Dynamics of Immune Responses Lab website for contacts and publications information.


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