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Two Post-Doctoral Positions - Applied Molecular Virology at Institut Pasteur Korea

Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK), a part of the international Institut Pasteur network, is located in Pangyo Techno Valley in close proximity to Seoul. Since its creation in 2004, IPK has grown rapidly with currently over 150 people from more than 12 countries. The Institute research focuses on cutting edge approaches in cell biology, automated microscopy and computer-aided image analysis to understand disease mechanism. IPK integrates all steps from basic cell biological research on various disease models to identification and development of novel therapeutics. For more information on IPK, please visit our website (

The Applied Molecular Virology group is working on hepatitis B and C viruses (HBV/HCV); developing cell based phenotypic high-throughput screening (hts) assays and secondary assays for IPK’s drug discovery projects. After identification of novel antiviral molecules, we are using a broad spectrum of virological tools and techniques to dissect the mechanism of action and to identify the target. We are looking for enthusiastically and actively participating Post-Doctoral fellows in a research program covering the early steps of a drug discovery campaign. The candidate should have prior post-doctoral experience; with strong background and expertise in cell biology and molecular virology. Knowledge in endocytosis, protein trafficking, or statistics would be beneficial. Furthermore, there is a possibility of pursuing projects of personal interest.

Two positions are vacant: 1. HBV A. Development of secondary assays B. Characterization of novel antiviral molecules i. Target identification ii. Mechanism of action studies C. Development of an cell-based hts assay with infectious HBV

2. HCV A. Characterization of novel antiviral molecules i. Target identification ii. Mechanism of action studies B. Characterization of cellular genes essential in the viral life cycle i. Mechanism of action studies

The deadline for application is the 31st of August 2011.

Remuneration will be commensurate with experience and achievements. A letter of intent, a detailed CV, a description of past activities, as well as contact information of three references should be submitted electronically to We will only be able to contact those candidates who we will be select for interviews.


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