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Three postdoctoral positions in mathematical/statistical modelling of infectious diseases in Paris


The Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases Unit at Institut Pasteur Paris was created in November 2013 and is directed by Dr. Simon Cauchemez.

The research focus of the Unit is to develop state-of-the-art mathematical and statistical methods to tackle the many challenges epidemiologists and microbiologists face when analysing infectious disease data.

Primary focus is the study of infectious disease dynamics, both in long-term endemic settings and in outbreaks. The lab aims at better understanding how pathogens spread in human populations with a view to support policy making and optimize control strategies. These analyses benefit from a strong network of collaborators in the field (in particular within the large International Network of Pasteur Institutes that consist of 33 institutes spread across the world) but also of strong connections with other Centres of Excellence in mathematical modelling. The approach is therefore highly multidisciplinary, looking at infectious diseases through multiple perspectives (epidemiology, surveillance, Public Health, policy making, microbiology), multiple scales and multiple data streams.

Job description

The lab is seeking three postdocs to work in close collaboration with French agencies in charge of human (ANSP) and animal health (ANSES) with a view to strengthen the contribution of modelling in the detection, monitoring and management of epidemics in France. The selected candidates will develop innovative statistical and modelling methods to analyse French surveillance data on infectious diseases.

Interested candidates should contact Ana de Casas with a CV, statement of interest and two references (to be sent directly by referees). The deadline for applications is 7 November 2016.

More information here.


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