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The Pasteur Foundation Asia website is now online

The HKU-Pasteur Research Pole is pleased to announce that the Pasteur Foundation Asia’s new website is now online.

Based in Hong Kong, the Pasteur Foundation Asia is a charitable organization established in 2017. The Foundation aims at raising awareness on infectious diseases and enhance health by supporting innovative programs of scientific excellence and the recruitment of new talents to foster the next generation of scientists in Hong Kong, and through Hong Kong to China, Asia and beyond. The Foundation is governed by the Council, which comprises leaders from the business and scientific community who contribute their time voluntarily.

The missions of the Pasteur Foundation Asia are:

- To inspire and support research, teaching, public health initiatives and related operations of the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole for the prevention and treatment of diseases in Hong Kong, China, Asia and other parts of the world.

- To support and assist the activities of the Institut Pasteur and the Institut Pasteur International Network in collaboration with other organizations, to mitigate the impact of infectious diseases and enhance global health.

- To promote the Foundation among research institutes, professional societies and the medical-scientific community in Hong Kong, China and across Asia.

For more information please visit the brand new Pasteur Foundation Asia website and download the brochure.


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