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The Institut Pasteur Young Investigator Award

Sponsored by the Institut Pasteur, this award recognizes an individual who has made, in the early years of his/her career, a significant contribution to the field of infectious diseases and in particular respiratory infections (either a single paper or a body of research).

The award carries with it a travel grant to visit one of the 32 Institutes members of the Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN). This award will cover expenses related to this travel (air flight, lodging and meals) for a maximum amount of 2500€. The maximum length of stay is two weeks.

The objective of this grant is to offer the possibility for a promising scientist to meet scientists from the IPIN in order to initiate collaboration and also candidate to head a 4-year group within the Institut Pasteur International Network.

  • Eligibility

Applicant must:

- Be presenting author of submitted abstract to IMRP 2015;

- Hold an MD, PhDor equivalent degree obtained no more than 8 years before December 31st 2015;

- Be willing to spend up to 2 weeks in one institute of the IPIN;

  • To Apply

Applicants should submit:

- Eligibility letter from supervisor. Letter must include the name of the applicant who is competing for the travel award, and abstract title

- Copy of abstract submitted to IMRP

- A short Biographical sketch of the applicant (use the model provided)

For question or comments, please email to the following address:

Awardees will be notified during the International Meeting on Respiratory Pathogens (IMRP) meeting in Singapore(see URL).





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