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The Croucher Foundation Research Studentship: Mr Peter CHEUNG Awarded

The Croucher Foundation of Hong Kong announced this year’s awards to 13 postdoctoral scientists and another 8 doctoral students to enable them to pursue their research studies. The 21 recipients were selected from 102 applicants after a competitive review process conducted by 21 senior local and overseas scientists from various scientific disciplines. They include 17 Hong Kong students who are already doing their university degrees abroad, and 4 who are currently studying in universities in Hong Kong. Among them, Mr Peter CHEUNG, PhD student at the Department of Microbiology of HKU was awarded a Research Studentship.

Mr Peter CHEUNG (at the centre) is studying the fidelity of Influenza A virus polymerase in the team of Dr Hui-Ling YEN (on the left) at the Department of Microbiology and HKU-Pasteur Research Centre under the supervision of Prof Malik PEIRIS (on the right).

The Croucher Research Studentship award is intended for those engaged in full-time study leading to a PhD degree. In addition, the Butterfield-Croucher Studentship is awarded to the best candidate in the Medical and Biological Sciences category. This award carries an additional cash award, along with a certificate of merit, and a subsidy for attending one conference within the entire tenure.

The award ceremony was held at Mandarin Oriental Landmark hotel on March 24, 2011 and officiated by the Secretary of Education, Mr. Michael Suen.


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