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The 7th HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course has started!

Yesterday, on Sunday 6, March 2016, 20 students coming from Hong Kong, Tunisia, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Italy, France, India, United Kingdom have started the 7th HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology course focusing this year on intracellular Traffic in Health and disease.

They will benefit from intense and enlightning interactions all along the 2-week course with a stellar faculty of speakers as well as working together. Questions and learning are going to stream!

After self-presentations, our 20 students divided in 3 groups for the coming practical workshop sessions. Under attentive guidance, they will practicaly study intercellular lysosomal transfer through tunneling nanotubes and the effect of oxydative stress, a method for charting out the interactome of any protein of interest based on proximity dependent labeling, or signal transduction at the podosome.

In addition, they will also attend 14 lectures from prestigious researchers on various topics regarding intracellular trafficking.

Anne Spang, March 7 Giampietro Schiavo, March 8 Jason Mercer, March 9 Maria-João Amorim, March 10 Linda Kenney, March 11 Pier Paolo Di Fiore, March 14 Michael Sheetz, March 14 Tom Kirchhausen, March 16

Download the flyer here.


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