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- Vaccinology Course, Institut Pasteur School of Infectiology, Paris -

A new Vaccinology course at the Institut Pasteur School of Infectiology in Paris.

This new course, delivered within the framework of the Pasteur School of Infectiology, is dedicated to candidates of medical or scientific formation who are interested in all aspects of this new discipline, vaccinology: medical and public health students, scientists and PhD students (immunology, microbiology), doctors, pharmacists, veterinary surgeons and other health professionals.

The course will be taught in English.

The objective is to offer an integrated vision of vaccinology, from scientific, medical and public health data, which justify the development of a vaccine, to its delivery to the populations in the context of rich and poor countries.

Besides the conferences, the teachers will ensure methodology workshops and personalized tutoring.

For more information click here or contact Dr A. Phalipon / Dr Tangy for details.

Full-time, except Saturdays, from March 3, to April 4, 2008 (examination included)

Number of students: 20

Closing-date for applications: November 1,2007


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