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Summer news!

HKU-Pasteur’s summer has been full of good news for our team leaders!

Sumana Sanyal has been awarded with the Doris Zimmern HKU-Cambridge Hughes Hall fellowship to visit the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cambridge during the academic year 2018-2019. The Doris Zimmern HKU-Cambridge Hughes Hall fellowship was established to foster cultural and intellectual exchanges between The University of Hong Kong and the University of Cambridge.

Hein Min Tun received a Calmette & Yersin grant for a new project called ”Intergenerational transmission of antimicrobial resistance during labor either at home or hospital: a proof-of-principle study” in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur in Ho Chi Minh City. The Calmette & Yersin Intra-Network Grants, funded by the Department of International Affairs of Institut Pasteur, are dedicated to permanent scientists (researchers or engineers) from the Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN) who wish to initiate, develop and/or consolidate a collaboration with a permanent researcher or engineer from another institute in the Network.

And finally, Suki Lee and Sophie Valkenburg, have both been awarded by the Research Grants Council during this summer.

Congratulations to all of them, we are sure that the future holds great things for our team members!


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