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Scientific Seminars

- 1st Pasteur-Asia Immunology Course, Innate immunity and its signaling mechanisms, October 23-November 5, 2008, HKU-Pasteur Researtch Centre -

The following lectures of the 1st Pasteur-Asia Immunology Course are seminars open to the public:

Dr Paola Castagnoli (SIgN, Singapore), “Dentritic Cells & Macrophages”

Dr Takashi Fujida (Kyoto University, Japan), “The Interferon System” and “Structural Mechanisim of RNA Recognition by the RIG-I-like Receptors”

Dr Jean-Marc Cavaillon (Institut Pasteur, France), “Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns (PAMPs)”

Dr Kensuke Miyake (University of Tokyo, Japan), “Innate Immune Recognition of Microbial Products by Toll-like Receptors”

Dr Eric Vivier (Univeresité de la Méditerranée, France), “Innate Immunity and NK Cells”

All are welcome.


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