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POLARBO - Expertise in Medical Arbovirology

POLARBO has been newly established in the Flavivirus-Host Molecular Interactions lab (head P. DESPRES) of the Department of Virology, Institut Pasteur, Paris. POLARBO is defined as a expert group in the fields of medical arbovirology and entomology.

POLARBO is involved in

  • the transfer of biological reagents according to the QA standards,

  • the research programmes on arboviruses,

  • the R&D projects with a focus on viral diagnosis and vaccinology,

  • and the training in medical arbovirology.

Coordination: DESPRES Philippe Pharmacist Biologist: BEHILLIL Sylvie Technical Staff: FRENKIEL Marie-Pascale and MOLTINI Isabelle Medical entomology: CHOUMET Valérie (PhD) Secretary: CHANSON Brigitte Contacts: Tel: +33 145688723, Fax: +33 140613774,

Dowload the POLARBO's brochure.


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