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[JOB OFFER] Institut Pasteur, Paris - European Project Manager DURABLE

The Institut Pasteur in Paris is looking for a European Project Manager for its DURABLE network.

You will work for an EU funded project (EU4HEALTH), called DURABLE (Delivering a Unified Research Alliance of Biomedical and public health Laboratories against Epidemics), coordinated by Jean-Claude Manuguerra. The DURABLE consortium comprises 20 partner institutions (EU contribution 25 million).

DURABLE is a strong network of world-class research institutes and public health centres across Europe and aims to provide high-quality scientific information in record time to support HERA's decision- making in preparing for and responding to cross-border health threats and assessing the impact of countermeasures. DURABLE will coordinate a global collaboration, from pathogen detection, evolutionary analysis, and threat characterisation with a One-Health approach, to data and information collection and sharing, for optimal threat response. The project will develop and validate a roadmap for rapid deployment of key countermeasures, test the robustness of the network, and assess key aspects of its emergency mode when simulating or dealing with identified threats. Additionally, DURABLE will focus on long-term sustainability by emphasizing capacity building and training.

>>> Download the full job description below:

Download PDF • 218KB


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