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HKU-Pasteur Research Centre 2011 Courses

Combining excellence in research and teaching the HKU-Pasteur Course Series in 2011 encompasses three major international courses (Cell Biology, Virology and Immunology). HKU-Pasteur courses, consisting of lectures and practical sessions, provide students and young postdocs with an opportunity to interact with leading scientists in a master class atmosphere. These courses (MMPH6175, -6171 and -6174 respectively) were approved by the Board of Graduate Studies to be included in the coursework curriculum for Research Postgraduate studies at the University of Hong Kong.

3rd HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Dates: 11 - 22 April 2011 Deadline for applications: 31 January 2011 Programme available: 30 November 2010 There is a growing interest in studying cell function through the magnifying lens of pathogen-host cell interactions as pathogens hijack cellular machineries to suit their needs. The 2011 course will focus on host-pathogens interactions, with emphasis on current techniques to visualize dynamic processes in living cells.

8th HKU-Pasteur Virology Dates: 6 -22 July 2011 Deadline for applications: 30 April 2011 Programme available: 28 February 2011 This course presents every year a different focus to analyze the ecology, epidemiology and molecular biology of viruses that have been responsible of recent outbreaks. The 2011 course will focus on arboviruses, a term that is used to describe viruses from various families, which are transmitted via arthropod vectors (mosquitoes, sand-flies, fleas, ticks, lice, etc) and are becoming increasingly widespread.

4th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Dates: 14 - 25 November 2011 Deadline for applications: 28 August 2011 Programme available: 30 June 2011 A lecture and practical course that provides a comprehensive overview of modern immunology with an introduction to the repertoire of effector cells. The 2011 course will have a major focus on mucosal immunity and vaccines, to address the complex interactions with the host's defense that take place at the entry sites of most pathogens.

There are no registration fees. Accommodation and food will be provided for non-Hong Kong residents. Limited to 24 students.

Contact: or Anne Li at +852 2816 8403

Please check regularly our web site for updates and detailed information.


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