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French International School Students At HKU-Pasteur

Olympia and Hugo, two 15 years old students from the French International School of Hong Kong, spent a week at the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole for an internship to learn more about working in the scientific field.

Every year, students from the French International School of Hong Kong conduct a one-week internship as a first step in the work world, we are always very happy to welcome in our lab those who choose to learn more about how we work at HKU-Pasteur.

Why did you come to the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole for your Internship? What motivated you and how did you heard about the lab?

Olympia: I came to the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole for my internship because I am very interested in science. I wanted to discover the field of research and I know someone who did an internship here a few years ago, and who recommended it to me.

Hugo: One of my passions is microbiology, so coming to HKU-PRP was a very important step in my future career. The Institut Pasteur is a very popular scientific institution, so when I saw that there was one lab in Hong Kong I was immediately interested.

What did you learn during you week here? Did you have any specific expectation about working in a laboratory?

Olympia: During the week here, I learned in more details about viruses, bacterias and immunology. I discovered the different experiences and protocols that can be conducted. I didn't know what to expect about working in a laboratory, so I was positively surprised about the work and the atmosphere.

Hugo: I learned a lot about experimental protocols and current research studies, but most importantly how laboratory life looks like. I imagined it as a very strict environment, and even a bit stressful. I was really happy to see it wasn't like that at all!

After this experience, would you consider a career in this field?

Olympia: After staying a week, I would definitely consider a career in the field of research. This internship helped me understand more about it, and it made me want to work in a laboratory. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the teamwork at the lab.

Hugo: I would much likely consider starting a career in this field and would be more than pleased to return at HKU-Pasteur for another internship!


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