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Croucher Summer Course: everything is getting ready!

The Croucher Summer Course on Emerging Viral Infections is just one month away now, everything is getting ready to host the 24 students for the course at HKU-Pasteur Research Pole from July 1st to 7th. The participants will be split into five groups, working on five different topics:

  • Theme 1: Ecology, evolution and inter-species transmission of avian influenza viruses

  • Theme 2: Pathogenesis, host response and innate-immunity

  • Theme 3: Epidemiology of avian influenza and disease modeling

  • Theme 4: Clinical disease, diagnostics and therapeutics

  • Theme 5: Vaccine development

This new course series will address the grand challenges of containing emerging viral infections with an inclusive One-Health approach combining the fields of animal and human health. Special emphasis will be placed on discussing cutting-edge approaches (such as the use of “omics” tools and the harnessing of big data) to investigate the interspecies transmission of pathogens, a major threat to human health.

Students already have access to an e-platform with preworkshop activities and lots of pre-course materials they should be familiarized with.

We are looking forward to welcome everyone, speakers, tutors and students in Hong Kong on July! See you soon!


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