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Cell Biology Course: the final programme is available!

The Cell Biology Course on proteomics in cell biology of human diseases starts soon, you can already take a look at the final programme and the course information.

This year’s course will include lectures and practical sessions to provide students with concepts in quantitative and targeted proteomic approaches to probe the underlying cell biology of human diseases.

Faculty: Oreste ACUTO (United Kingdom) Chris BOWLER (France) Roberto BRUZZONE (Hong Kong) Pedro CARVALHO (United Kingdom) Philippe CHAVRIER (France) Benedikt KESSLER (United Kingdom) Paul LEHNER (United Kingdom) Alexandra NABA (USA) Terence Chuen-Wai POON (Macau) Liliana RADOSHEVICH (USA) Sumana SANYAL (Hong Kong) Florian SCHMIDT (Germany) Remigiusz SERWA (United Kingdom) George TSAO (Hong Kong) Michael WEEKES (United Kingdom) Zhongping YAO (Hong Kong) Sara ZANIVAN (United Kingdom) Chiara ZURZOLO (France)


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