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Call for proposals 2013 Dedonder Clayton Grant

The International Division launches the 2013 "Dedonder Clayton Grant" call.

The main objective of the Dedonder Clayton Grant call is to facilitate, within the

Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP), the initiation of innovative projects coordinated in the field of infectious diseases affecting developing countries.

Terms: 2 to 5 grants a year. The maximum amount of each grant is 46 000 dollars for the slected laboratory.

Project Coordinator: young scientist or health professional working in an institute of RIIP from a developing country in Africa and Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam).

Thematic: The Clayton Dedonder Grant can cover:

  • Initiation of an innovative project, a feasibility study, development of field innovative projects,

  • A training component,

  • Participation in international conferences on HIV / AIDS and / or infectious diseases.

Jury: Representatives of Institut Pasteur and RIIP

Application: Letter of Intent (a two-sided page, enclosed template) specifying the purpose of the project, its context and challenges, its secondary objectives, general methodology, the major activities to be performed, the prospective partners (if any), timing achievements, the coordinator, expected impacts and a detailed budget

The deadline for submission is 31st of May, 2013, by email to

For letter of intent, click here.


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