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Call for application of the 2014 scientific cooperation programme PROCORE between France and Hong Ko

The Research Grants Council (RGC) and the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau invite applications for the PROCORE-France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2013/14 exercise. Launched in 1998, the Scheme aims to promote research collaboration between Hong Kong and France by providing researchers in the two places with one-year and two-year travel grants. The Scheme also offers two conference/workshop grants to sponsor a conference/workshop each in Hong Kong and in France.

As in the 2012/13 exercise, the Hong Kong Principal Investigators could use the RGC grants to support justified research visits of research postgraduate students to partner institutions, in order to enhance the students' training and opportunities for overseas experience. The budget for the Hong Kong applicants in the 2013/14 exercise is HK$1.02 million, of which HK$150,000 is earmarked for one conference/workshop to be held in Hong Kong. The grant size for the travel grants is HK$45,000 per year for projects involving travel of research postgraduate student(s) and HK$31,250 per year for projects not involving students' travel. Additional funding support from Hong Kong and French institutions/companies to individual grant recipient is most welcome.

Hong Kong applicants should meet fully the requirements for applying the RGC General Research Fund (GRF). Applications from Hong Kong applicants should be submitted to the RGC through the Research Offices of respective institutions. While applications must reach the RGC before the deadline as outlined below, Hong Kong applicants should check with their institutions for internal closing dates. Late submission will not be processed.

Detailed information regarding the Scheme and its application procedure could be obtained from respective institutions.

More information available here.


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