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CALL FOR APPLICATION: Institut Pasteur International Network Course 2018

The Institut Pasteur of Shanghai will host from May 4 to May 18 its second edition of the IPIN Course:

Infectious Diseases Pathogenesis in Asia/Pacific

Date: 4th – 18th May 2018

Location : Institut Pasteur of Shanghai,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China

The 2-weeks IPIN 2018 course will focus on infectious diseases caused by viral, bacterial, parasite and fungal pathogens that account for major endemic, epidemic and zoonosis particularly in the Asia-Pacific regions. The lectures will cover molecular mechanisms of pathogen life cycle and host immune responses, pathogenesis of diseases, survey and control of transmission, prophylaxis and epidemiology of infections and functional genetics. The course will also introduce cutting-edge technologies and methodological approaches devoted to the study of infectious diseases, including animal models, imaging, pathogen discovery, systems biology and drug discovery.

The course will promote close interactions and dialogue between students and teaching staffs both during the seminars and off-teaching hours. Round-table discussions steered by professors will be devoted to topics developed during the courses. The students will be requested to accomplish, under tutorial by supervisors, team-work by elaborating pilot-scientific projects that will be evaluated at the end of the program.

The panel of professors is composed by world-leader scientists from France, China, Sweden and Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN). All traveling costs and accommodation of the accepted students will be funded.

Details and applications on the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai website.


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