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A new CEO at the Institut Pasteur Korea

Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK) has appointed Dr. Wang-Shick Ryu as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective 1 May, 2017. “Under Dr. Ryu‘s leadership and strategic vision, IPK will take a step forward in many drug discovery research areas,” said Chairman Uhtaek Oh, IPK Board of Directors. He added, “Especially now that IPK has a virus expert in its new CEO, we expect there will be a lot of progress made in research of infectious viruses”.

The new CEO, Dr. Ryu, has worked in close partnership with IPK on hepatitis B virus research and other virus infectious diseases continuously for more than a decade. Dr. Ryu emphasized, “New emerging viruses like avian influenza (AI), MERS virus, Zika virus, and etc., have been enormously damaging nationally and internationally. Therefore, it is an important time to prepare surveillance programs and accelerate infectious diseases research to prevent viruses from spreading.” Adding, “As a global basic research institute, we will accelerate infectious diseases and drug discovery research through collaborations with national and international organizations.”

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From IPK's press release.


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