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3m post-2nd-dose sample and questionnaire submitted

The 3rd HKU–Pasteur Immunology Course will start this Monday and will focus on basic aspects of both innate and adaptive immunity, with particular attention to molecular mechanisms involved in pathogen sensing. The course will begin with a general overview of fundamental immunology and will continue with a series of topical lectures by a group of leading scientists in the field covering the repertoire of effector cells, pathogen associated molecular patterns and recognition molecules or receptors, such as pattern recognition receptors, Toll like receptor activation and signaling pathways, microRNA and cytokine induction, as well as of transcriptional regulation of inflammatory cells. During the 3rd edition of this course, 24 students from Argentina, Cambodia, PR China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, U.S.A. and Vietnam selected on the basis of academic excellence will have the unique occasion to interact with leading immunologists in a master class atmosphere.

The programme is available here.

Please check regularly the web site for announcement of public lectures.


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